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  • Accurate patient demographics entry

          We eliminate unnecessary denials

  • Complete Electronic medical records

          We utilize your system to its fullest capacity

          oversee whether or not your system is working correctly

  • Clearinghouse Usage

          Is your initial setup correct?

          Are all of your payer ID`s in the system?

  • "Clean claims submission" electronically 

          Certified coders on staff

          Reconciliation reports daily and monthly

          Accurate procedural billing procedures

  • Electronic Remittance Advice

  • Electronic Fund Transfer-Directly into your bank, quicker reimbursement

          We will assist your practice in getting started

          Customer Service

          Courtesy phone contact

  • Accounts Receivable

          Posting of no-pays



          Patient balances

          Claims status checks within one week

  • Self pay balances

         Payment arrangements

         Collection agency referrals

  • Periodic chart audits

  • Patient demographics, business financials and charts are all kept in our system


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