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Practice Management

Specialty Billing

*  Medical & Dental Credentialing

* "Clean claims" submission

Dental/OSA/Orthodontic Billing

Need to cut costs in your medical practice? Consider outsourcing your Medical Billing processes.  

We're simply GREAT at medical claims submissions.  We don't get paid unless until you get paid.

All you need is a Computer, EMR program, secured connectivity and we can get started!

Ensure you get paid for the services you provide.

Complete accounts receivables work - no-pay claims, denials, appeals and low paying claims can be reprocessed...

Let us handle your Medical Billing, so that you can do what you do best...Patient care.

Nationwide customers
We will work on your existing EMR program.

Excellent references.

Your accounts belong to you, we will simply log into your EMR and obtain the information we need to do our job!

No longer have the overhead expense of having a biller in-house. 
We are available for short and long term projects

Let us clean up your accounts receivables.

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